With our profound history and knowledge on global railway services, UNICO Railway offers the unique, customer-friendly railway services featuring TSR, TCR, TMR, and TMGR.

Decades of successful operations led us to an un-parallel amount of experience and troubleshooting know-how. We are unarguably the best among competitors on railway services.

Our railway coverage includes, but not limited to China, Mongolia, Russia, CIS region and the Eastern Europe. We also offer three-way services to deliver your goods from AUS, NA, and SA to any of your desired locations.

Featured Service

Our railway services include, but not limited to;

  • Break bulk
  • UNICO special track and tracing
  • UNICO special loading plan
  • UNICO special Block Train service

Total Railway Solution

Railway services never done by a simple paper works as wild situations do occur in frequent basis. With years of mediating rail to rail, border to border agitations, we are confident to present you, from yours to receivers, that UNICO Railway offers “Door-to-Door Total Railway Solution” through our widely experienced railway experts.

Our motive is to offer a great service with thorough communication in needs of customers. Combining our expertise with customer-friendly environment, every UNICO partners expects to enjoy the UNICO privilege:
“The best railway solution with the best customer services. “

With a strong belief that such great privilege comes invites great partners,
we’d introduce you to our Strategic Alliance at its best:

Our Strategic Alliance

Trans Container

  • Russia’s No.1 rail/container center
  • Networking 46 rail-side container terminals in Russia
  • Featuring over 300,000 routes in Russia and abroad
  • Maintaining Russia’s largest fleet of containers and flatcars.


  • General Director of CIFA, CASA, CAPP, and Deputy Executive Director of CCTA
  • Managing more than 40,000 TEU global containers per annum
  • Offers daily block train services
  • Officially designated as one of the best freight forwarders in the Central/Western China.