Project Logistics

As a globally acknowledged logistics solution provider, UNICO LOGISTICS has developed customer-centered, reliable, safe, and cost-effective logistics solutions for turn-key management of project cargoes. In the midst of instable global climate, handling project cargo takes special care, well-experienced expertise, and intensive caution. In light of such issues, our dedicated and highly knowledgeable experts are ready to tackle the challenges and meet your specialized project logistics requirements. As the leader in project forwarding, UNICO will continue its endeavors in developing innovative and creative logistics solutions.

Featured Services

UNICO has devoted its resources and efforts in becoming the unique provider of total logistics solutions for the industry of oil & gas, petrochemicals, refinery, power plants, infrastructure, building materials, and equipment supply. By making optimum use of our comprehensive strength, our teams manage your project, regardless of size, scope or destination. We not only provide a full range of services such as disassembly, moving out, packing, on and offshore transportation, customs clearance and installation, but also chartering services for air and ocean.

Core Competency

Handling project cargoes requires relevant experience, equipment, and manpower. With our well-equipped and efficient infrastructure facilities, we provide total services for all types of project cargoes from all over the world. UNICO’s Project Logistics teams will plan, manage and undertake special logistics projects of any scale from start to finish. Project Logistics works closely with our engineering and construction customers including globally renowned EPC’s to ensure that every project is planned, delivered and completed to exact specifications on time for customer’s satisfaction.

Global Coverage

UNICO’s own global networks in more than 25 countries can coordinate with the enquiry and?provide in-depth technical expertise no matter where the project cargoes?are situated. Throughout our worldwide networks, we offer the core technical support for the wider group and have the ability to handle all your logistics. With in-depth knowledge and on-site experience, UNICO family ensures that the most complex and time-sensitive project cargoes are safely delivered wherever and whenever customers need.