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The major growth engines in the future of Our company,
Unico Logistics is “The precious relationship with Clients”

Dear Clients,

We are pleased to see you on our website.

Global Logistics & Shipping

UNICO LOGISTICS,?based on a solid foundation of freight forwarding business,
has successfully launched 27 affiliated companies around the world to provide
integrated global logistics services related to ocean & air, trucking, warehousing & distribution and further to extend its scope to handle of project and dry bulk cargoes including coal, iron ore, fertilizer, grain, steel products and so on by UNICO’s owned vessel and charterd vessel, namely marine transport.
With UNICO’s unique state-of-the-art Supply Chain Management, we have realized a series of tremendous growth since our establishment in 2002, as a strategic partner of Russian railway company and Chinese railway company for TSR, TCR service, ceaselessly providing the best quality service to our invaluable clients; which have advanced into CIS, Russia and the Eastern Europe for strengthening their competitive edges.

Global Partnership

UNICO LOGISTICS, at this Era of Collaboration, proactively strive for another leap to reconfirm its solid ground as the most reliable global logistic service provider to our worldwide clients and partners through never-before-experienced?collaboration, based on unshakable trust and faithful communication.
Endless trials of all members of UNICO for progressive renovation have been the true source of our international competitiveness; which obviously enabled us to promote mutual growth together with our highly esteemed clients all over the world.

Global Player

UNICO LOGISTICS, far beyond the limit of the conventional freight forwarders’ services, has always tried to expand our territory with strong desire to be the most reliable global player at the four corners of the globe.
UNICO is still making constant all-out efforts to rush into every nook and corner of the world as long as clients are striving for developing new markets there.
Based on the concrete objective consciousness and aggressive business cultures,
UNICO will put all our energy and time into realizing satisfaction of clients
by means of not only taking walks on unbeaten roads together with them but also setting up new markets anywhere at the Five Oceans and the Six Continents.

Where there were, are and will be clients,
UNICO LOGISTICS was, is and will be together!

Thank you!